Why instant EASYBALANCE® ?

It's so EASY there's no reason not to!

EASYBALANCE Tyre Balancing

With EASYBALANCE, commercial tyre balancing can be carried out quickly and easily when the tyre is fitted to the rim. No additional time is needed to manhandle heavy wheels on and off a balancing machine, and no need even to invest in a balancing machine! ...and with roadside fitting, tyres can be balanced just as easily.

Greater precision!

EASYBALANCE continuously re-adjusts over the entire life of the tyre. Every time the wheel starts rolling, it is automatically re-balanced.

Environmentally Friendly!

EASYBALANCE is a completely natural product. It contains no substances that are classified as hazardous to health or the environment. When the tyre's life is finished it can even be scooped out and re-used in a new tyre.

Proven Performance!

Europe's No.1 Truck Tyre Balancing Compound! Developed and tested in the unforgiving Scandinavian climate, and on the market since 1994.

EASYBALANCE is used in Volvo Mean Green, the world's fastest hybrid truck with a top speed of over 160 mph / 250 kph - holder of the Hybrid Truck Standing Kilometre World Speed Record

Volvo Mean Green - Tyres Balanced by EASYBALANCE
  • NO special filtered valve cores required. EASYBALANCE does not cause leakage at the valve or tyre bead and does not wear the inner-liner. Tyres and casings can also be repaired and re-treaded.
  • NO dried air needed. EASYBALANCE actively absorbs moisture and helps prevent corrosion of the rims.

What is instant EASYBALANCE®?

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