What is instant EASYBALANCE® ?

Tyre Balancing Powder

EASYBALANCE is an absorbent balancing powder which is placed directly inside truck and bus tyres. The product has been on the market since 1994 and since then has proven its ability to balance truck and bus tyres in Sweden and throughout Europe.

Tests have shown that EASYBALANCE:

  • is an environmentally friendly, natural product,
  • causes no damage or wear to tyre inner-liner,
  • absorbs moisture without forming lumps,
  • reduces tyre wear by up to 33%,
  • make tyres wear more evenly.

How does EASYBALANCE work?

EASYBALANCE is placed directly into the tyre during fitting.

When the vehicle is stationary, EASYBALANCE lies at the bottom of the tyre. Then as the vehicle reaches 25 to 30 km/h, centrifugal forces start to distribute it around the inside of the tyre (at lower speeds the tyre unbalance does not cause any vibration as it is not rotating fast enough). If there is any unbalance, the EASYBALANCE itself re-distributes to counteract against it. If the imbalance point changes, the distribution of EASYBALANCE changes too.

The basic principle is quite simple - like how water moves in a bowl. If you move the bowl quickly to one side, the water wants to remain where it is so is thrown to the opposite side (known as the principle of inertia).

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