Independent Tyre Wear Tests

EASYBALANCE Independent Tyre Wear Tests

During 2013, an independent test was carried out by renowned tyre specialist Michael Immler of Immelstadt, Allgäu, Germany to compare tyre wear. Unbalanced tyres were tested alongside tyres balanced using instant EASYBALANCE®.

The test was carried out using 2-axle tractor units, with 3-axle trailers in commercial traffic in the Munich area.  Tread depth measurements were taken continuously over the 1-year test period.

The Final Result was Staggering: Savings in Tyre Cost / km of up to 33% on the Test Vehicles!

Results after 52459 km on public roads:

Tread depths: Test Start Without
Steer axle: 14,3 mm 3,6 mm 6,4 mm 26%
Drive axle, inner: 21,6 mm 3,8 mm 7,4 mm 21%
Drive axle, outer: 21,5 mm 4,2 mm 7,5 mm 19%
Trailer axle 1: 17,2 mm 8,9 mm 11,2 mm 28%
Trailer axle 2: 17,3 mm 10,6 mm 12,8 mm 33%
Trailer axle 3: 17,1 mm 2,3 mm 6,3 mm 27%

Average Tyre Wear Savings: 

Reduce tyre wear, truck, lorry, bus

Save up to 33%
on tyre wear!

  • Steer axle: 26%
  • Drive Axle: 20%
  • Trailer axles: 29%

All truck and bus tyres should be balanced, not just the ones you can feel through the steering wheel. The reduction in tyre wear alone is enough to repay the costs many times over - but you will also get reduced wear on suspension and chassis components and a small improvement in fuel consumption.

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