Dairy Finds Innovative Use for Wheel Unbalance

Innovations often come from the most unexpected of places, and are sometimes found by complete accident. Such a case came to light recently when one of the world's largest dairy companies started having problems with one of their bulk tankers. "We had a tanker delivery from the farms, where the whole tanker had turned to cottage cheese before delivery!", said Peter Påhittat, Fleet Maintenance Manager at the plant where it happened, "It was a complete mystery why."

After a detailed investigation, it transpired that the tanker in question had been fitted with a new set of wheels that the fitter had neglected to balance. The extreme vibration from this had damaged the tankers cooling system, and by coincidence the load had also been contaminated with a strain of bacteria. The bacteria and the shaking from the unbalanced wheels conspired to turn the cargo to cottage cheese.

"We have always balanced our wheels with EASYBALANCE, as we know that it saves us about 20% on the tyre wear, as well as wheel bearings, shock absorbers and so on", said Peter, "but this has made us rethink that a little, when we realised we could manufacture finished product on the road from the farm, it saves us both money and time!"

"We don't like to lose the sales for EASYBALANCE", said Mark McCullough, Sales Development for EASYBALANCE, "we have proven that it gives significant savings in any other circumstances, but they have come across a very unusual exception here."

Update: You can't taking everything seriously on 1st April of course, except that EASYBALANCE saves MONEY on the tyre wear!

Published: Friday 01 April 2016