Truck & Bus Tyre Balancing

Truck & Bus Tyre Balancing with EASYBALANCE

Tyre Balancing with EASYBALANCE could not be easier:

  1. Mount one side of the tyre on the wheel rim.
  2. Select the tyre size in our handy dosage calculator below or see the dosage table for the correct amount to use. Pour the EASYBALANCE into the tyre, as illustrated on the left.
  3. Mount the other side of the tyre on the wheel rim.
  4. Inflate the tyre to the recommended pressure.

The tyre is now ready for use!

Recommended Dosage

EASYBALANCE Truck & Bus Tyre Balancing Dosage

See required dosage
by tyre size

The amount of balancing powder required varies according to the size of the wheel and tyre. Select your tyre size to view the recommended dosage, or click here to view the dosage table for common tyre sizes.

Select Tyre Size

  Width   Profile   Rim  
   /   R   
350 grams

Or click here to see recommended dosages for motorcycle tyres.

If you cannot find your tyre size, just contact us and we will reply directly with the correct dosage.


Download table as pdf

Tyre SizeDosage
Up to 225 wide and up to R17C100 g
Over 225 wide and up to R17C200 g
6.50R17100 g
7.50R17100 g
8.25R17100 g
8R17.5200 g
8.5R17.5200 g
9R17.5300 g
9.5R17.5300 g
10R17.5300 g
11R17.5350 g
355/45R17.5350 g
205/65R17.5200 g
195/70R17.5200 g
215/70R17.5200 g
235/70R17.5200 g
245/70R17.5300 g
265/70R17.5300 g
205/75R17.5200 g
215/75R17.5200 g
225/75R17.5200 g
235/75R17.5300 g
245/75R17.5300 g
205/80R17.5200 g
225/80R17.5200 g
8R19.5200 g
9R19.5300 g
10R19.5300 g
445/45R19.5500 g
435/50R19.5500 g
385/55R19.5500 g
425/55R19.5500 g
245/65R19.5300 g
385/65R19.5500 g
Tyre SizeDosage
445/65R19.5500 g
225/70R19.5200 g
245/70R19.5300 g
265/70R19.5300 g
275/70R19.5300 g
285/70R19.5300 g
305/70R19.5350 g
7.50R20200 g
8.25R20200 g
9.00R20300 g
10.00R20300 g
11.00R20350 g
12.00R20350 g
13.00R20350 g
14.00R20500 g
335/80R20500 g
365/85R20500 g
525/65R20.5700 g
615/65R20.5900 g
605/70R20.5900 g
9R22.5300 g
10R22.5300 g
11R22.5350 g
12R22.5350 g
13R22.5350 g
15R22.5500 g
16.5R22.5500 g
18R22.5500 g
445/40R22.5500 g
375/45R22.5500 g
415/45R22.5500 g
435/45R22.5500 g
455/45R22.5500 g
495/45R22.5500 g
355/50R22.5500 g
375/50R22.5500 g
Tyre SizeDosage
435/50R22.5500 g
445/50R22.5500 g
385/55R22.5500 g
455/55R22.5500 g
265/60R22.5300 g
285/60R22.5300 g
295/60R22.5300 g
305/60R22.5350 g
315/60R22.5350 g
385/65R22.5500 g
425/65R22.5500 g
445/65R22.5500 g
235/70R22.5300 g
255/70R22.5300 g
265/70R22.5300 g
275/70R22.5300 g
305/70R22.5350 g
315/70R22.5350 g
365/70R22.5500 g
295/75R22.5350 g
315/75R22.5350 g
345/75R22.5500 g
350/75R22.5500 g
445/75R22.5500 g
275/80R22.5350 g
295/80R22.5350 g
315/80R22.5350 g
11R24350 g
12R24500 g
14R24500 g
445/70R24500 g
495/70R24700 g
325/95R24500 g
11R24.5350 g
12R24.5500 g
285/75R24.5350 g
305/75R24.5500 g
315/75R24.5500 g