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Simple and efficient balancing that significantly increases tyre life!

Reduces tyre wear by up to 33%

100% natural and environmentally friendly

Optimises tyre balance

What is

EasyBalance is an absorbent balancing compound that is placed directly inside truck and bus wheels when the tyre is fitted to the rim. This means that the balance is continuously adjusted every time the wheels roll, giving an optimal result that lasts for the entire life of the tire. When it’s time to change tyres, you can easily scoop out the balancing powder and re-use it in your new tyres.

EasyBalance was launched in 1994 and has since been used in truck and bus tyres throughout Europe. The balancing powder is developed and tested to withstand all types of climates and temperatures and is 100% natural without any substances that can harm the environment.

How does
EasyBalance work?

Forget complicated balancing machines! EASY BALANCE is applied directly to the tyre in just a few seconds when the tyre is being fitted to the rim. The balancing granules absorbs moisture and condensation in the tyre without clumping. When the vehicle is stationary, the balancing compound lies at the bottom of the tyre, but when the vehicle reaches about 25 km/h, compound begins to be distributed by the centrifugal force around the inside of the tyre to optimize its balance. Easy Balance adapts to the unevenness of the tyre and ensures that the balancing is always correct during the entire life of the tyre.

Why EasyBalance?

  • Optimizes the tire’s balance point
  • Developed for though climate conditions
  • 100% natural and enviormentally friendly
  • Reduces tyre wear by up to 33%
  • Better precision than lead weight balancing
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Long service life
  • Approved and tested by independent institutes for use with all types of TPMS.
  • Approved and tested for use inside tires with a thin or sensitive inner liner

Dosage Calculator

The amount of balancing powder required varies depending on the size of the wheels and tyres.

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