DEKRA Tested

EASYBALANCE balancing powder has been independently tested in Germany. Tyres balanced with EASYBALANCE balancing powder were driven under test conditions, according to manufacturers' instructions, and regularly checked.

The report concluded:


"As a result of the tests it can be unambiguously determined and proved that:

  • In the regularly monitored tyre test, both the manufacturer's operating pressure and operating conditions were met and the tyres were not overloaded according to the test findings, or operated with insufficient pressure.
  • When checking the inflation pressure with normal hand tyre inflators, or air pressure monitoring devices, in no case was there a loss of air pressure or a leak in the valve insert caused when complete wheels were filled with EASYBALANCE.
  • When the tyres used in the tests were filled with EASYBALANCE balancing powder, no defects or damage to the inner-liner were caused.
  • The analysis showed that for all tyres checked, when used according to the manufacturer's instructions, damage or safety-related stress on the inner liners could be excluded as a result of filling the tyres with EASYBALANCE balancing powder."
EASYBALANCE Safety Independent Tyre Testing

Full Report Conclusions (pdf, German language)

The report has been subsequently verified by DEKRA and granted the DEKRA Seal, the outward expression of service, quality and safety. We are very proud to be able to display this certification mark, to give our customers complete confidence that they can rely on EASYBALANCE to optimise tyre balance without compromising safety!

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